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Invitation to Contemplation

ADRIAN, MI, May 22, 2009--  For the last ten years, the Dominican Ashram has been a place of centered contemplation and quiet.  It offers Dominicans an opportunity to live a more contemplative life for a committed period of time. Currently, the community members are inviting others to consider joining them in the contemplative life.

The Dominican Ashram is a three-story building on the property of the Dominican Sisters in Adrian, Michigan, where there is ample space for walking and a quiet atmosphere on holy ground. We gather together for sitting meditation in common, celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist.

The ashram strives to create a place where seekers come together in their search for a greater and deeper relationship with God.  The ashram does not offer programs as such. It is not a retreat house, though many of its guests do make private retreats. The ashram provides silence and solitude to be alone with God along with regular liturgical and personal prayer, and all with a community of similar intent. It is meant for those willing to encounter God, themselves and reality.

At present there are five members of the core community but we expect that there will be changes in the coming year or two. Thus as we have done before, we wish to encourage members as well as those in leadership who might be able to encourage others to consider the possibility of a more contemplative style of Dominican life for a couple years.

We invite you to share our contemplative life and prayer, in an environment of silence, solitude and simplicity. We practice silence and seek to maintain a quiet atmosphere. A more conscientious or solemn silence is observed in the ashram following Evening Prayer until Morning Prayer.
At the ashram, there are also readings after Evening Prayer from other religious traditions, sitting meditation twice a day during which one may choose a more Eastern style of prayer, and study from time to time concerning other religions.

You can learn more about the ashram way of life by checking our website, by contacting a current member of the core community (phone 517-266 4285) or by contacting a member of the Advisory Council whose members and email links are listed below. Also, there is an excellent article by Liam Walsh, recently published in Spirituality, a journal of the Irish Dominicans, about his experience as a two month guest at the ashram, which we could send you as an attachment if you are interested.

So, if the thought passes your mind, or the Holy Spirit seems to be planting a seed, perhaps it is something at which to take a closer look. Get in touch with one of us and begin a conversation remaining open to wherever it may go. The Ashram has been a blessing to its members and to the wider Dominican family. Consider becoming a part of the movement toward deeper integration as active contemplatives.

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Donald Goergen, OP
Rosa Monique Pena, OP

Ann Willits, OP     

John Meany, OP 

Arlene Flaherty, OP

Visit our website to learn more.

Friends of God Dominican Ashram
1261 E. Siena Heights Drive
Adrian, Michigan 49221
Phone: (517) 266-4285
(voicemail only, checked frequently daily)

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