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Together in the Manger of Bethlehem....


Dear and beloved Sisters:

Week after week, the Liturgy of the Advent has guided us in the dynamics of reflexion and greater personal awareness to profoundly discover the true significance of the Christmas event and the transcendence it must have onto our lives as Apostolic Dominican Sisters who are spread throughout 113 nations, the new coming of EMMANUEL : of the ”GOD AMONG US…”  in our present times, among so many populations and cultures.

Today, I invite you to meditate together on what the Evangelist Luke says (2,11s). We notice that nothing prodigious, extraordinary or spectacular occurs to signal to the shepherds. Upon approaching the place, they will only see a child wrapped in swaddling clothes, who, like all babies, needs motherly care… A baby born in a stable who is not lying in a crib, rather in a manger.

That Child is God’s signal. His need for help and his poverty are evident…God’s signal is the simplicity… He has made himself small so we could understand him, welcome him, and love him.

In Jesus, the eternal Word is small, so small that it can fit in a manger; it has been made a child so that the Word may be within our reach. God thereby teaches us to love the small, the weak, and the emarginated and to respect the rights of the children.

Day after day, I grow more convinced that contemplating the Child must lead us to think about all the children who suffer and who are presently exploited in various parts of the world; about those who, for a variety of reasons, are turned into soldiers, indoctrinated and guided toward a culture of violence; about those who have to beg to survive… The children who suffer from misery, lack of education; the children lacking tenderness and any expression of affection.

I particularly think about all those children who are denied their fatherly and motherly love; the street children who wander through so many cities in the World without a home, a family… the children so deeply wounded in their souls by so much pornography and other forms of abuse.

Wherever each one of you may be, you will easily ascertain the existence of other “mangers” like the one of Jesus.  In each one of them you will find the child of Bethlehem who is calling us, asking for our attention and love, as the women that we are.

As God gave himself in Bethlehem, he taught us to turn our lives into a gift for the others, to give ourselves to our own mission as Apostolic Dominican Sisters, to strive to preach the Good News of Salvation through a genuine Gospel in action


To each one of you and to the Sisters in your Congregations.


During which we will celebrate in a general Assembly the 15-year anniversary of the existence of DSI.  

 Sr. M. Fabiola, OP
International Coordinator
Dominican Sisters International