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Earthquake in Peru Generates Response from Dominicans

LIMA, August 27, 2007---More than 100,000 people have been left homeless, as more than 34,000 homes were destroyed after an 8.0 earthquake rocked southern Peru on August 15. The death toll is still climbing as the dead are recovered from underneath collapsed buildings. At least 500 are known to have perished.

The most urgent needs are for water, clean water and shelter. News agencies report slow response times for relief workers in reaching the injured and those without shelter.

Asked about the best way to help, the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, who have missions there, are recommending individuals and groups who wish to send aid to the Peruvian earthquake relief effort to donate cash as an alternative to gifts or other merchandise. Cash donations to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) will provide immediate and effective assistance to the victims of the natural disaster.

Make a donation that really counts:
Catholic Relief Services
P.O. Box 17090
Baltimore, MD 21203-7090

Mark the donation for
Diocese of Ica, Peru

"This is a terrible tragedy," Dominican Sisters of Springfield Council Member and Justice Promoter, Sister Marcelline Koch, OP said. "Relief workers need resources fast. CRS and its counterpart in Peru, CARITAS, will be teaming up with Dominicans working in Peru to quickly respond to the victims' needs. CRS is best place to make a donation that will really make a difference."

Sisters who live and work in Peru are joining with others in the relief efforts. The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids, Columbus and Sparkill have missionaries working there.

Sr. Judith Hilbing, OP (Springfield) who returned to Peru from the US last Monday offers a first hand report from Lima. (MORE). Maureen Robinson, OP (Sparkill) works with Maryknoll Missionaries, she reports as well. (MORE)

According to Brian Pierce, OP, who lives in Lima and is socius for the Dominican Family in Latin America, Dominicans work in the Diocese of Ica, which is the diocese where the earthquake did the most damage.  Guido Breqa, OP is the bishop of Ica.
The diocese includes the four hardest hit cities: Caqete, Chincha, Pisco and Ica.  Pisco is the city that was 70% destroyed. An estimated 200 parishioners were killed when the church collapsed as the evening mass for the Feast of the Assumption was ending.

Individuals and organizations interested in making contributions to help the victims of the Peruvian earthquake can get send their donation to: CRS, P.O. Box 17090, Baltimore, MD 21203-7090. Contributors are asked to write "Peru Earthquake Fund" in the memo line of their check. Brian Pierce recommends that you mark the donation for the Diocese of Ica.

"Donations taken by CRS will be funneled directly to the relief workers on the ground," CRS Program Officer for Education, Dennis Fisher said.

In the First Person: a Report from Peru by Maureen Robinson, OP (Sparkill) MORE

a report from Judith Hilbing, OP (Springfield) who reports from Lima.

Pope Continues Urgent Plea for Aid to Peru

Caritas International aid gets through to Peru’s quake victims MORE

UN agencies press ahead with aid effort while identifying key needs


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