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Renovation Project Begins For A Sacred Site of Dominican Order

Prouilhe Restoration Project

A new effort to fund a renovation of the monastery at Prouilhe, France is underway.
The renovation is supported by the 2004 Chapter of Krakow and in concert with the 2006 celebration of 800 years since the foundation of the Dominican Nuns.

What are the Dominicans at Prouilhe saying?

What a relief it would be for us if our liturgical space could be renovated and consolidated to become a sacred space both simple and beautiful… an oasis for people who are thirsting for God. For the moment it is not adapted to the needs of the community, nor for those who come to pray with us. It is cold and windy in the winter. The roof needs to be replaced as it rains inside as well as outside. It is dark at midday on the brightest of summer days. The acoustics are bad and it is not accessible to the sisters or persons who are old and handicapped. Basically, it was never finished.

The community at Prouilhe envisions becoming not only a place of pilgrimage but also an international center for the Dominican life and spirituality. Sr. Claire’s question is, who will be there for those who come? More and more peopleare coming to Prouilhe. We are on the route to St. Jacque of Compostella and also quite near to Carcassonne, the second most visited sightseeing attraction in France after Paris.

What do these people see, touch, and hear of Dominic when they pass? Who welcomes them? They are certainly learning a great deal about Cathars (Albigensins) as they pass through this part of France.

The community is working on the plans with a Dominican architect from Spain, Brother Coello de Portugal and, if the funding is sufficient, the renovations could begin in July.

We are aware that, with you, we have been entrusted with a heritage of the Order that needs to be preserved for further generations.

As you can imagine, this project requires human and financial resources. This is an Investment in our future and I feel is the responsibility of all us individually which is far different than asking the community to make a corporate contribution. If each one of us gives his or her “widow’s mite” we can make a huge difference for this project.

Make check to:

Monastere Ste Marie de Prouilhe
11270 Fanjeaux

Interior of the Prouilhe Chapel

left: The keystone, all that remains of the pre-French revolution church at Prouilhe

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