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. . . in October . . .
“Lives for Sale” — available to PBS affiliates

A new one-hour documentary on immigration and human trafficking, funded in part by the Catholic Communication Campaign, premieres on PBS this fall. “Lives for Sale,” is the first documentary to go beyond the usual sensational media reports that fail to connect sex trafficking to other forms of human trafficking and addressed the larger root issues of economic and social injustice—poverty, globalization, educational barriers and ineffective and contradictory immigration policies—that support the existence of this abhorrent abuse of human life.

Avoiding the more sensational aspects that mainstream media tend to emphasize, Slavery: In Our Own Backyard seeking an understanding of the real causes of modern-day slave-trade that masquerades as something else. Despite our ignorance of it, human trafficking is the largest illegal industry in the world after drugs and weapons trade.

Following the real-life stories of women and children exploited as sex slaves, viewers learn of a large, profitable business that goes on within the borders of the US, largely without detection by law enforcement or citizens. By tracing the slave route taken from Central America through Mexico into the US, the film gives viewers a sense of the desperation that places migrants in a such a precarious situation. Trafficking cannot be understood outside of the context of migration issues, which are presented here as they play out in the lives of real people.

The documentary also examines economic alternatives to migration which would also lessen the flow of trafficked human beings. Shot on location in Guatemala, Mexico, Florida, Arizona and California, Slavery: In Our Own Backyard will air on PBS and the Hallmark Channel.

. . . in November . . .
“Picturing Mary” — available to PBS affiliates

The Virgin Mary has been portrayed as much as any woman in history. For almost two thousand years, artist sought the image of the perfect woman, encompassing the virtues, joys and sorrows of the human race. Picturing Mary takes the viewer on an artistic journey through history, crossing four continents just as the image of Mary crossed the globe. In every medium, from tiny personal images to gigantic mosaics—masterpieces and works less familiar to the audience—the image of Mary has provided a mother figure that has protected cities and even become a national symbol.


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